Business Process Automation

Reduce labour costs, increase profitability by leveraging experts who understand your specific business needs and can demonstrate working concept in as little as 2 weeks.

  • No more manual updates
  • No running the business on Excel sheets
  • No dependency on others for running your business

Businesses rely on people to come up with solutions to opportunities. Many times approaches that were necessary at one point in time rely on Excel skills, custom developed database solutions or other “fly by the seat of the pants” solutions that prevent your company from scaling up. These solutions tend to have a lot of dependency on key people and unique processes that create significant labour costs and errors in the manual operations. Why spend hours slogging through things like:

  • Processing orders
  • Sending emails to your customers
  • Get a listing of customers sorted by types to email
  • Getting lists of people interested for an event with constraints
  • Running a support desk

WHEW – All that can be EXHAUSTING – when it should be EFFORTLESS!

Companies who use Business Process Automation:

By working with many businesses with these sorts of challenges, we have developed a process called Business Process Automation offering for established businesses. This process involves a rapid discovery and prototype creation that is validated in a 2 week period and enhancements are made to it based on ongoing feedback.

  • Scheduling automation:
    For businesses that need to bring various unique skillsets together to deliver an event.
  • Bill collection automation:
    Let the end clients pay via credit card online and automatically calculate the pricing based on business rules.
  • Supplier process automation
    Collect relevant inventory positions from suppliers via the web.
  • Customer feedback collection
    Get feedback from your customers directly into a database.
  • Workflow based systems
    Sequence various tasks across the web, with escalation rules and handling.

Our approach is unique in that the systems created work without ongoing software licensing costs or expensive fees.

This process reduces the small business’ dependency on labour, makes the business process faster, more reliable, more accurate and scalable, reducing the need for human intervention.


The Software WORX team have provided an outstanding service to us, helping APLS create a new website, new customer database and linked administrative processes with a lot of business automation which will save our company a lot of time and money in the long run. Their flexibility, understanding and conceptual ability to realise our business needs has been outstanding, and developers have been available more or less 24/7 in the week of our launch as we worked through urgent site updates. Both our clients and our staff are delighted with the final product, which is a great improvement both in quality and efficiency from what has gone before. This has been a major project for APLS, and Software WORX have implemented our needs exceptionally well.

- David Watton, Communications Office,


Very complex site but very reasonable price, very accomodating staff even though we had constant changes and presented with new involved ideas which were always recieved with interest and positivity

- Karen Glahn, Operations Manager,

Our clients who leverage business process automation


  • How can you understand by business requirements and help automate problems in my business?

    Working with over 100 companies over the last 5 years, we have developed processes to quickly arrive at prototype concept. The prototype concept allows you to understand user interfaces and explain business logic and expectations from brief phone calls.

  • What costs are involved in such an undertaking?

    Normally we are able to arrive at a fixed price to develop a working prototype, and then develop a viable product with the prototype.

  • My businesses use specific software. Will you be able to interface with my software to create solutions?

    Yes we used advanced methods like API, SOAP calls to connect with ERP systems, external web applications and the solution we develop will be enterprise grade. If for some reason we approach the undertaking as a fit-for-purpose and isn’t scalable or enterprise grade we will advise you.

  • Can you fix problems with current solution that is Excel based?

    No. While we have Excel skills and we may request these to understand the current business processes we do not have the capability to solve excel issues.

  • My business is unique, how will you be able to understand it?

    We have the depth of industry experience that may surprise you. Talk to an expert for free and see if we can help you.