Large social ecommerce business wants to increase traffic while reducing online advertising costs

Client Description:

Red Bubble is a large online community with many thousands of artists that contribute their designs and RedBubble gets these printed and delivered to buyers all around the world.

The site was beautifully designed by a brilliant team of artists, passionate on the business, immensely popular with artists, designers and they sold many items of work through art galleries, restaurants, offsite locations and some online. While the creativity and offline marketing was great, what Red Bubble wanted was guidance in the online space.


It was easy to buy products online, and Red Bubble was spending money on advertising with Pay per click through Google ads. While this brought in some amount of traffic, it was not traffic that converted into potential leads or sales. Therefore, a lot of money was being spent but the right target market was not yet aware of all that Red Bubble had to offer to them. In addition, the advertising vs conversion rates were very low.

In other words, money was being spent but not much sales conversions were happening.


Software WORX team did an analytical review of current conversion sources, cost per conversion channel, effectiveness of various Pay per click efforts from conversion   and the ecommerce channel used to buy the products online. While the payment mechanism used was easy to use, implementation of any customer relationship management (CRM) tool was not a feasible option

Over a 3-month period, Software WORX team leveraged existing conversion data from Pay-Per-Click and identified the select keywords and pages that once ranked would reduce the cost of advertising, bring in natural search results that result in conversions.  

Within a few months, Red Bubble streamlined their online spend and it became effective in getting the right kind of customers who wanted to buy their products online.


With the methods used by Software WORX, the sales and revenue increased and gave RedBubble time to implement new creative ways to further reduce cost of new customer acquisition.  Natural search traffic continue to purchase online and this traffic continues to give ongoing revenue without ongoing spend to us or Google, thereby increasing profitability for RedBubble.


Generated a material return to RedBubble

“Joe's work with RedBubble optimizing the site for several key search terms has generated a material return to RedBubble and has demonstrated the power with SEO optimization.” – Peter Styles, CEO of RedBubble