Multi-million dollar business wants to improve sales pipeline visibility to increase sales

Client Description:

MailGuard is a provider of email security products to many businesses. Customers sign up a product demo and then decide whether to buy the product or not. This data on progression of sales, from a trial to sales conversion, is across various systems and management had limited visibility on why many trials did not result in sales.


Increase sales by increasing visibility of the sales pipeline. Set processes with accountability for actions to be taken on trial startup, progression to increase likelyhood of trial take up to recurring sales.


Integrate various internal data sources to Salesforce CRM and create management dashboards that drive accountability for sales representatives and escalation when service levels aren’t met.


Full visibility of trial take-up to sale including visibility of all lead enquiries in one system –


Joe was hired for his Sales Force (CRM) expertise and implemented a solution at MailGuard that remains a core sales management and reporting tool. Joe is personable, well presented an and all round good bloke and I highly recommend him.

- Garry Hoover, CEO/CFO of MailGuard