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Alberta Social Policy Framework

This is a social collaboration tool for the Government of Alberta, Canada. It was a platform for online engagement related to their first ever Social Policy Framework.This was done in partnership with Collabforge


Servcorp is an international network of fully-equipped virtual offices providing business identity packages, such as mailbox rentals, voicemail, and meeting rooms in more than 21 countries around the world. Features include Multi-language, Multi-site . This is in Drupal Version 7.


This was a Drupal migration from V5 to V6. The migration included the removal of many Drupal v5 core hacks that were built in to the core and modified according to Drupal standards. This site is a very complex site with many AJAX and data driven elements.

Children's Performing Arts

This is a site with 4 unique colour schemes and many internal webforms. This site was designed by Icon Inc, including all contents. Software WORX developed a pixel perfect Drupal CMS to the design specifications from Icon Inc, and assisted in the adoption of Drupal CMS for this project.

Sterling Currency

This is an ecommerce site (Drupal) that was designed, developed and improved by Software WORX. The enjoys many SEO benefits and increased conversions since lauch in 2007. This site is search friendly, and the owner enjoys a 200% increase in sales after the website makeover. A key functionality is the detailed zoom feature for products, allowing visitors to see every scratch on the coin prior to purchase online!

Risk Radius

This is a B2B site that helps to navigate the commercial insurance market place. The technology has been developed from the insurance broker and carrier perspectives. It helps to facilitate the commerce of the commercial property and casualty insurance industry. It matches business insurance buyers (brokers buying on behalf of their clients) with sellers (insurance companies and other providers). The features include an extensive Search. This is in Drupal Version 6.


This is a multi layout, multi content type Drupal® site developed for Drupal 5.x by Software WORX. Drupal v4 Flexi nodes to CCK migration were migrated to use Drupal 5.x architecture in early 2008. Design was this was provided by the client.

Baby Loves Music Fun

This is a B2C site that caters to music in early childhood development. It is based on research on evidence that music benefits the wiring of the brain, language and speech development and social development and the period of 0-3 years is an especially important time in a baby's development. Features include ability to buy CDs via a checkout, integration of Facebook updates on the site and Google Maps. This is in Drupal Version 6.

Coin Values

Sterling & Currency is an Australian rare coin & banknote dealer. This is an ecommerce site that was created in Drupal V7. Features consist of ecommerce capability and various inner page themes.

Ecom Torani

An internal ecommerce site facilitating B2B sales.


This site has developed in Drupal 6.x based on all designs provided by the client. The site employs multiple layouts and content integration of syllabus from an internal csv file, maintained annually by Software WORX. All content work done by the client. Software WORX provided pixel perfect Drupal implementation and training on the use of Drupal to upload content for the target market - kids & parents.

Jewish Pathways

This is an extensive learning and management system, with multimedia learning content, grading, glossary and social media elements. Site was migrated from Microsoft ASP based proprietary CMS to Drupal. Realization of the all the proprietary features to Drupal and site content migration was managed by Software WORX. A key reason was migration from Microsoft proprietary CMS was to scale. This site is hosted in a grid computing environment, used by LinkedIN, called Joyent running Solaris OS.


This is a B2C site that provides the most comprehensive listings of senior communities. The site helps seniors find appropriate living situations and finding housing options regardless of socio-economic status. Features include an extensive Search option, video addition This is in Drupal Version 6.

Mojo Downunder

The original site was a flash based website that sells high-end branded Australian underwear. By migrating the site to Drupal, we lowered the cost of implementation while increasing conversions by an exponential factor of 1000%+. This is an ecommerce site developed and search optimized by Software WORX and the pay per click campaigns. This site also enjoys increased sales and growing compared to a previous investment in flash based site, at ¼ the cost. This site was redesigned and deployed by Software WORX.


MyGrowth is a self improvement, self-help and self growth community. This was created using Powerful LMS.

Snap VU

This is a membership and learning management site for Victoria University to enable students to interact with each other. It also has features like video gallery, blog, forum and a wiki. There is an Event feature with a calendar as well. eachers can post various types of communications via this site and get students to interact and engage.


Trade Engagement Program India is a government initiative to collaborate online between businesses in Melbourne and India. This project was developed using Drupal Commons interface and some custom development.

The Japanese Page

We converted this site to Drupal CMS from a PhpBB forum and integrated this as a multi language Drupal site with integrated forum, video, audio and social media elements. Currently this site has upwards 50,000+ visitors per day. SEO elements and Drupal integration of social media supported by Software WORX in late 2007.

Think Nursing

This was for the Queensland Government

This site has multiple Drupal installations, including a custom forum based on a myspace theme. Site design was provided by Acceleration and Drupal support and training provided by Software WORX. This site is hosted on Microsoft IIS based environment. This site was designed by Acceleration, including all contents. Software WORX developed multiple pixel perfect Drupal CMS themes to the design specifications from Acceleration, and assisted in the adoption of Drupal CMS for this project. This was one of the first Drupal implementations that got us started in the Drupal development business.

Virtual Office

Conversion from Word Press to Drupal V7.