Enterprise Software Development as a Service (ESDaaS)

Scale your enterprise ability and deliver software projects without the traditional delivery risks and challenges

Key Benefits:

  • No project specification or documentation needed - A few questions and we will arrive at user stories for a developer to start prototyping or developing
  • Product Managers, Business Analyst or IT Solution Architects can interact, collaborate online in short bursts - with lesser times than traditional meetings take
  • Scale up or down talent without any lock in contracts or penalties
  • Determine ROI quickly with effort estimates from stories toward building workable pieces of code
  • Functional code not documentation - Work with functional software every two weeks, sometimes daily
  • Super fast delivery - we can tag team our work across time zones to deliver at speeds not possible with work from one location
  • Cost savings and value - Blended hourly rates far lower than traditional on premise development
  • Enterprise IT - We serve enterprise customers and can meet stringent IT security and software development requirements

CIOs, Product Managers and Program and IT business leaders are expected to do more with less and focus on building a better future for their organizations. Getting products, solutions that internal teams need or your customers is a list that is growing. Product management teams and business leaders have identified ROI associated with new projects, but delivery teams struggle to staffed these projects and keep current systems functional for the business.

The challenge is to create IT organizations focused on innovation, competitive advantage and customer growth by tapping more collaborative, innovative technologies and solutions.

This is where development services from Software WORX will enable you to launch web-based services, native mobile applications or cloud based software as a service (SaaS) applications that are available on demand from an optimized, and highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Leverage this service for:

Below are some of the enterprise technologies we have integrated to create custom applications:

Below are the mobile platforms we can develop for:

The technology framework that we leverage for development include:

Our clients who leverage ESDaaS


  • How will you be able to deliver my complex software development project when internally we cannot do thiswith all the people and resources we have?

    Using multiple software development methodologies, we are able to arrive at working prototypes from requirements captured from phone conversations with key stakeholders. This means no long specification documents or long drawn out meetings to arrive at requirements of what the business needs. Additionally we tag team our development across four time zones and are able to deliver complex functionality quickly and with ease.

  • How will you ensure confidential data is secure?

    Your project centric data is stored on Australian servers and not on any developers desktop/notebook computers. All our server access is tracked, logged and there are multiple layers of password to ensure the data is safe and secure. Additionally we can use salting hashing or other methods to randomise the data needed for development without exposing any confidential data.

  • Can you assure the quality of developers and how does this compare to local developers here in Australia?

    Most of our developers have had 5 or more years of software experience in specific technologies for the enterprise sector. These world class developers perform code reviews on the code before the code goes live. We have a rigorous hiring and screening process so that you can focus on business outcomes.

  • While others say to provide a specification document, how is it that you can work without such documentation? How will you be able to understand my complex enterprise systems?

    You have a list of things that you want to get done. Some of these may be tracked in a list like “Trello” also know as Kanban. You can move things from your board to ours and you can see how quickly we can arrive at something tangible, that through iteration becomes what you want rather than documenting everything you need. Typically the document is outdated by the time you have written it anyway.

  • What are your organisational philosophies and approach to software development?

    This video from Tom Wujec gives an idea of how we think differently and operate from the rest.