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Brent Courson, Spencer Weaver

Numerous developers saw our vision for a collaboration community as lofty and unattainable, but once we talked with Software WORX, we knew we had a partner. From day one, they took an analytical approach to building our site and making the most efficient investment. Software WORX quickly understood our need to create a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that could manage a diverse body of users. The Team at Software WORX has an unparalleled, broad knowledge of the latest Drupal solutions, and they were not afraid to put them to work. Software WORX brought together state of the art technology with the simplicity we demanded in what can only be described as a holistic approach.

Incipi was driven by a vision, but Software WORX played a tremendous role in the actual realization of our goals. They listened to our ideas and developed a comprehensive solution which included everything from a new logo to the latest in Drupal technology. Software WORX also helped us define our monetization strategy and connected us with a key partner. All of these contributions formed the groundwork for a successful online venture.

Software WORX created an incredible package for Incipi, and despite an unexpectedly complex development process, they strictly adhered to their initial proposal and their quote. They devoted their time and resources to make sure that our goals and needs were met, and their partnership is a continual inspiration.