Your Business

What Type of Business Do You Have?

The kind of business we serve tend to have these characteristics:
A Make to Order Type Businesses

In this type of business you get your inbound enquiries through the web or your phone system. You may have some online ordering system however to fulfil the vast majority of orders it requires some thought - estimation. The estimates may involve some of your own resources, external parts/inventory and/or sub contract resources to fulfil the order. You may be tracking your sales pipeline in a spreadsheet or a custom CRM. When a submitted quote is accepted you need to ensure the project completes in line with your estimates or you manage work to be inline with your estimates or customer expectations. Each project/order needs to be invoiced and payment collected based on specific terms.

B Make to Stock Type Businesses

In this type of business you have multiple sales people or multiple methods of selling products. Sales may occur online, over a point of sale system or via fax orders.Every item sold either exists in your inventory or in an external partners inventory system. Orders need to be dispatched to your customers from any one of these systems and delivered/tracked to the custoemr. Invoicing and collection of funds need to be managed either at the point of sale or on fulfilment.

C Event Management Businesses

In this type of business you sell specific training programs at various locations through out the country or online. To be able to conduct such training various specialist instructors, equipment and trainees need to come together - this requires much coordination. Payment for training may be collected online or at the training venue. Payment collection and tracking for services rendered need to be reconciled in the financial system.

D Hybrid Style of Business

You have a mix of various systems, various complexities - data transfer between systems may be through human data entry, excel files or sophisticated APIs. Managing changes in such an environment is becoming challenging. The financial reporting doesn't matchup with actual business characteristics.